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"I had the most rewarding experience I've ever had in my career as an actress on 'No Regrets.' I attribute a lot of that to how exciting and sensuous and well-written the script is. And to the cast. I loved working with all the other actors on this movie." ~ Janine Turner
"When I first read 'No Regrets' I immediately loved it. I recognized something that has not been done since my favorite movie,'Casablanca'. I don't want to give away too much, but I'll just say that 'No Regrets' and 'Casablanca' have certain things in common that are just brilliant and wonderful and leave you truly touched and moved." ~ Kate Jackson
"What I love most about 'No Regrets' is the underlying premise of the healing power of grace and how, if you can find grace, that opens up the opportunity to redeem mistakes you've made, and even relationships you've lost." ~ Lari White
"'No Regrets' explores relationships and risk taking. It reminds me of the quote,'The leap of faith is its own reward.' Because once you take that leap of faith in yourself, you've already won. It doesn't matter where you land. And that's the heart and spirit of 'No Regrets' for me." ~ Edward Albert
"I think of 'No Regrets' as a coming of age story for adults. And I love how complex and layered it is. I imagine that a lot of people have similar relationships in their past and will relate to the movie as strongly as I do." ~ Jennifer Hetrick
"I love the honesty and unpredictability of 'No Regrets'. The entire movie is about the really important choices we make in life, things we all go through, and yet it never takes the easy 'Hollywood' way out." ~ Robert Merrill
"'No Regrets' is a wonderful story. These four people were best friends in college and some choices were made that sent them in different directions, possibly with the wrong person. That's why I think everybody can relate to this movie, because this becomes the defining moment when they really ask themselves, 'Am I with the right person?' And I think that's the question everybody asks themselves from time to time." ~ Brad Johnson
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