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Paper: Tennessean, The (Nashville, TN)
Title: Nashville film company to shoot independent drama around state
Date: July 19, 2003
Section: Local
Page: 6B

Staff Writer

A new film production company in Nashville has announced that its first project, an independent feature-length drama titled No Regrets, will begin shooting in Tennessee this fall.

Transcendent, the new company, is in pre-production for the film, which will begin an 18-day shoot Oct. 6. Locations will include the Parthenon, Nashville International Airport and several "architecturally significant" houses in the area, including a vacation home on Center Hill Lake regularly used by former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper.

No Regrets was written and will be directed by Transcendent founder Curt Hahn, owner of the Nashville-based Film House, Tennessee's largest producer of television commercials and industrial films. Transcendent will take advantage of Film House's staff, film studio and production equipment.

"Our ability to do this project using the resources of Film House allows us to do it on a budget that most people wouldn't be able to comprehend," Hahn said yesterday.

Hahn declined to reveal the film's price tag but added that No Regrets is being made under a Screen Actors Guild contract for movies with budgets under $500,000.

Despite the movie's low cost, many "name" actors from Los Angeles and New York have expressed interest, Hahn said. Casting is ongoing in those cities, with final decisions to be made in September.

"I feel very good about the idea that there will be several people of whom you've heard," Hahn said. "We're not talking Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, but we're talking about several actors who've done very good work and are excited about our project."

The film's Big Chill-like storyline centers on two couples who were best friends in college but, after an infidelity that led to partner-switching, have been estranged from each other for 18 years.

As the film begins, one of the men, a Nashville architect, decides to look up his former girlfriend, which brings the couples back together. "And that's when the fun begins," Hahn said.

"We already know the slug we'll use in the poster: 'A love story with two happy endings.' "

No Regrets is the first of a series of Transcendent feature films in various stages of development. One of the next projects is likely to be another Hahn script, co-written with Herbert Fox of Nashville, about the Fisk Jubilee Singers and their matriarch, Ella Sheppard.

"We're really hoping to create meaningful, quality films - what you might call art films - on a very modest budget," Hahn said.

"We want to make films that are driven not by computer graphics and special effects but by great stories and great actors who are attracted to the kind of material that might get them nominated for Academy Awards for their performances. Billy Elliott, You Can Count on Me, In the Bedroom - those are the kinds of low-budget films we'd love to be compared to."

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