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Rugged and strikingly handsome, Brad grew up on a ranch near Tucson, Arizona. His father's stories inspired him to become a cowboy and outdoorsman, which led to a stint as the Marlboro man and then into acting.

Brad likens himself to a piece in the puzzle of the storytelling process that allows writers and directors to tell their stories. It is this modesty and quiet strength that has critics comparing him to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Stewart. Acclaimed Hollywood writer and director, John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Clear and Present Danger) states in People Magazine "He's in that Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda mold. He's got a different quality than the guys today." Not surprising--because what Johnson loves most about his craft is not the glamour of premieres or the glitz, but what he describes as "Old Hollywood," the family-like bond forged on the set between performers and crew that makes the project a success.

Brad's route to stardom was speedy, dramatic and circuitous. He joined the rodeo circuit while attending college on a baseball scholarship. In 1984, while wrestling steers, Johnson was spotted by a casting director looking for cowboys to be extras in a Busch beer commercial. After this first break, he was cast as a Marlboro Man. These two spots resulted in a quick selection for a number of Calvin Klein print ads, other noteworthy commercials and relocation to Los Angeles. More >
Within three months of his arrival, and after the start of acting lessons, Roger Corman cast him to star in Nam Angels. Around the same time, Steven Spielberg discovered him and offered Johnson a coveted role in Always, as the flyer who replaces Richard Dreyfuss in Holly Hunter's affections. When asked about her Always co-star, Holly Hunter described Brad as, "All twisted steel and sex appeal." The Spielberg film led John Milius and Parmount to put him back into the pilot's seat in the major release Flight of the Intruder.

Brad's television roles include, Riverworld (2002) and Blind Obsession (2001), also a starring role in Jerry Bruckheimer's Soldier of Fortune and the CBS telepic Silk Hope, which paired him with Farrah Fawcett and garnered very high ratings. Rough Riders also received outstanding reviews. Brad is the two-time Western Heritage award winner for Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life and Crossfire Trail. He reprised his role as Ray Steele in Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, the sequel to the apocalyptic thriller Left Behind: The Movie based on The New York Times best selling novels.

He recently finished filming two independent features, No Regrets, starring alongside Janine Turner and Truce. Brad recently filmed the Sci-Fi Channel original film entitled Alien Blood in Bulgaria.

With the desire to have control of his own destiny, Brad has optioned several properties, which he is developing and plans to direct and produce with his business partner, Ken Sanzel. < Previous